“The Square”  

Our most conservative lash. Great for beginners. Featuring a lightweight band that connects the hair strands to form a strip that ensures secure corners. They are knotted and feathered by hand. Outstanding for a minimalist natural look.

(formerly known as Rosemary Square and CityPlace) is an upscale lifestyle center comprised of restaurants,shops,rental apartments and condos.
Located in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, along South Rosemary Avenue.


Very Classy and not too dramatic — they’re the perfect lash style to wear on casual days and to glam up. “WPB” is the ultimate compliment to your everyday and/or “no makeup” makeup looks.

Never to be confused with Palm Beach, because you will be corrected. Never the less WPB is the pulse of The Palm Beaches with major tropical energy pulsing through its palm-lined streets.


Our Jupiter lash gently adds a touch of glam to any daytime or soft glam look. designed to feel like 'Second Nature' once you try these natural volume, criss-cross lashes. The short round shape enhances the natural volume of your lashes, making them the perfect everyday look.

Jupiter is the northernmost town in Palm Beach County. Don’t let the lavish mansions of Jupiter fool you – locals love Jupiter, Florida, for its breathtaking natural scenery, laidback tiki bars and endless ways to play in its star attraction: the water.


Worth Ave

Our glamorous gradient lashes with three-dimensional flutter. This ultra-wispy set of false lashes is ideal for serving the girls AND boys. Adds length, volume and seduction to any look, while still being incredibly lightweight for a comfortable wear.

If you haven’t been to Worth Ave you simply haven’t been to Palm Beach. The girls that know….That's where the money resides.

Boca Babe

Ever heard of short and sweet? Well these are short and SPICY! We took our J.Ava Signature Lash and scaled it back a taste.
Featuring full density with fluffy layers of varied lengths that extend and curl.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is our signature lash! If Boca Babe & Worth Ave had a baby it would be this gem! Glamours gradient lashes with three dimensional flutter. Adds length, volume and seduction to any look, while still being incredibly lightweight for a comfortable wear. It is well loved by even the most conservative.


Our Riviera lash has just as much flavor as the city! These lashes are multilayered and ultra soft with our most lightweight and flexible band. Its updated version of and old favorite
That is thinner, lighter, and more flexible, making even the most dramatic lash styles feel weightless. The elevated quality and design of the band makes application easy, and ensures the perfect fit.


One of our most dramatic lashes, this is the lash of choice for babes who want to take their eye game to the most glam level. A flare-eye 3D Mink Lash designed with both dramatic length and volume that gradually increases from the inner to outer corner for a striking cat-eye finish.

Beach Bag

Are you feeling adventurous or undecided AND on a budget? Choose our grab bag that will contain three of our Premium Luxe Lashes for ONLY $39.99. They will be chosen randomly and no two Beach Bags will be the same. Some lashes may not be listed in our product list. This is the epitome of a "good surprise"!